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Weber Manufacturing products can be found in all of these industries and our capabilities extend far beyond the scope of the below:

• Aircraft & Aerospace
• Automotive
• Controls
• Electrical & Electronic
• Hydraulics
• Medical & Surgical
• Military & Defense
• Recreation
• Telecommunications

CNC Swiss Screw Machines can be used on a variety of materials including:

• Acetal
• Acrylic
• Aluminum
• Brass
• Bronze
• Carbon & Alloy Steels
• Copper
• Nylon
• Polycarbonate
• Stainless Steel
• Titanium

Weber Manufacturing has the right equipment to accommodate all of your centerless grinding, cylindrical grinding and honing needs:

• 1 Studer 20 Cylindrical Grinder
• 1 Shigiya G30 Cylindrical Grinder
• 1 Cincinnati #2 Centerless Grinders equipped to bar grind up to 12'
• 2 Cincinnati #15 Centerless Grinders
• 3 Surface Grinders
• 2 Sunnen Honing Machines

Our CNC Milling machines includes:

• Fanuc Robodrill T14 Milling Center
• Gorton Milling Center Manual
• Supermax Vertical Milling Machine Manual

Our Brown & Sharpe equipment includes:

• 7 #2 Ultramatics Brown & Sharpe (1.625 capacity)
• 1 #2 Brown & Sharpe (1.500 capacity)
• 3 #0 Brown & Sharpe (0.750 capacity)
• 4 #00 Ultramatics Brown & Sharpe(0.500 capacity)

Brown & Sharpe equipment can handle a variety of materials including:

• Aluminum
• Brass
• Bronze
• Carbon & Alloy Steel
• Copper
• Plastic Resins
• Stainless Steel

Weber Manufacturing - Machined Parts Proudly Made In The USA

PMPA Suppliers produce complex parts and complete assemblies for finished goods such as: automobiles, aircraft, heavy truck, medical devices, appliances, construction equipment and much more.