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PMPA Suppliers produce complex parts and complete assemblies for finished goods such as: automobiles, aircraft, heavy truck, medical devices, appliances, construction equipment and much more.





Weber Manufacturing Products

With years of machining experience and practical knowledge behind us, our expertly trained staff may be able to advise you regarding which material will best perform best for your specific needs and provide specialized machining techniques that will enhance the quality of your component.


Weber machined products floridaSome of the products that we expertly manufacture include:

•    Axles
•    Bushings
•    Clevis pins
•    Connectors
•    Contacts
•    Couplings
•    Fasteners
•    Fittings
•    Inserts
•    Knobs
•    Nipples
•    Nozzles
•    Nuts
•    Pins
•    Pistons
•    Plugs         
•    Retainers
•    Special Screws
•    Shafts
•    Shoulder Bolts
•    Spacers
•    Standoffs
•    Washers


The versatility of our equipment allows us to work with a much broader range of materials than most machine shops. Some of the materials we use include:

•    Aluminum
•    Brass
•    Bronze
•    Carbon & Alloy Steels
•    Plastics*
•    Stainless Steel
•    Titanium


We work with a variety of plastics including acetal, nylon, PVC, ABS, polycarbonate, acrylic, phenolics, PTFE fluoropolymer, Vespel®, Teflon®, Ultem®, Peek™, Lexan® and Zelux®.

For more information about Weber Manufacturing call 800-330-2618.


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