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CNC Swiss Screw Machine Products

CNC Swiss Screw Machines are the most precise turning machines in the industry. These machines were designed to manufacture parts for the Swiss watch industry and they can produce components with tolerances to .0002".

 Weber Manufacturing and Supplies CNC Swiss Screw Machines

Our CNC Swiss Lathe equipment includes:

• 1 Citizen 20 mm A20 VII (800 capacity)

• 1 Star SR-10J CNC (0.393 capacity)


CNC Swiss Screw Machines can be used on a variety of materials including:

•    ABS
•    Acetal
•    Acrylic
•    Aluminum
•    Brass
•    Bronze
•    Carbon & Alloy Steels
•    Copper
•    Nylon
•    Polycarbonate
•    PTFE
•    PVC
•    Stainless Steel
•    Titanium


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