Brown & Sharpe Screw Machine Products

The Brown & Sharpe name was synonymous with quality precision machining for over 150 years.

This benchmark of American manufacturing is no longer in production today, but the shops that still have operational Brown & Sharpe screw machines in their toolkit enjoy the added versatility of being able to handle projects where CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machinery is simply not cost effective. Our Brown & Sharpe Single Spindle Screw Machines mean that we can handle any size job up to 1 5/8" in diameter.

Our Brown & Sharpe equipment includes:

  • 7 #2 Ultramatics Brown & Sharpe (1.625 capacity)
  • 4 #00 Ultramatics Brown & Sharpe (0.500 capacity)


Brown & Sharpe equipment can handle a variety of materials including:

•    Aluminum
•    Brass
•    Bronze
•    Carbon & Alloy Steel

•    Copper
•    Plastic Resins
•    Stainless Steel

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