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Weber Manufacturing Helps Usher in the Next Generation of Precision Machinists

SCTI2 smallFor the second year in a row, Weber Manufacturing has had the pleasure of hosting the students of the Precision Machining & CNC Automation program at the Suncoast Technical College (STC), formerly SCTI, and their instructor, Ed Doherty.

During their visit this past October 31, students got to experience all of the precision machining processes that Weber Manufacturing uses and they had the opportunity to ask questions of people who are already gainfully employed and proficient at the skills that these students are just beginning to learn.

For many Americans, the word "manufacturing" conjures up images of a dangerous workplace and low wages, but the reality is that modern manufacturing facilities are cleaner than many doctor's offices and staffed by highly-skilled professionals who are very much in-demand.

"We want everyone considering a traditional 4-year degree to know that a career in manufacturing will get them on track to financial independence with far less student loan debt and far more opportunity than they ever imagined" said Weber Manufacturing President, Sam Prost " and we hope these soon-to-be graduates will remember us when they are ready to enter the workforce."

weber 2014 smallAccording to the U.S. Department of Commerce, for the past decade, new hires in manufacturing have earned an average of 38% more than new hires in non-manufacturing industries and, over their careers, manufacturing workers earned 17% more in wages and benefits than their counterparts in other sectors.

The Precision Machining & CNC Automation program at STC teaches students how to set up and operate manual and Computerized Numerical Control (CNC) machines with the latest equipment.

Students learn how to program CNC machines and how to use precision measuring instruments and CAD/CAM (Computer Aided Design/Computer-Aided Manufacturing) processes. The 1,200 hour education includes extensive laboratory activities and real-world experiences like the one at Weber Manufacturing.

For more information about Weber Manufacturing and Supplies, contact Sam Prost at (941) 488-5185

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Press Release: Weber Manufacturing Announces the Addition of the Powerful Lynx 220LMSA to their Lineup

Weber Manufacturing Announces the Addition of the Doosan Lynx 220LMSA to their Lineup

The addition of this high performance mill-drill turning center brings new capabilities to one of the area's leading precision machined products manufacturers.

NOKOMIS, Florida (September 17, 2014) – Driven by the demand for larger part sizes and the desire to upgrade their Computer Numerical Control (CNC) equipment, Weber Manufacturing has just announced the addition of the powerful Lynx 220LMSA to their lineup of precision machining equipment.

Doosan Lynx smallThis high performance mill-drill turning center with full contouring C-axis sub spindle and live tooling can complete operations like milling, drilling, and tapping without having to switch to another machine, and its large bar capacity means that we can now perform all of these operations on parts of up to 2" in diameter.

"The ability to complete more operations on a single machine eliminates the cost of an additional set up and it improves delivery times for our customers, while improving our already high quality – it's a win-win!" said Weber Manufacturing President, Sam Prost. "In our lineup of over 40 machines, we have a couple that can perform multiple operations, but none on parts of this size or at this incredibly high speed."

With its ultra-rigid construction and advanced technological features, the Lynx 220LMSA is designed to offer high accuracy and superior surface finishes for years to come, and its high speed turret indexing and fast rapid traverse rates minimize non-cutting time for exceptional value.

For more information about Weber Manufacturing and Supplies, or the state-of-the-art Doosan Lynx 220LMSA, contact Sam Prost at (941) 488-5185.

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